Military Vehicle Association, Inc
Last updated on: September 13, 2012
Prairie Command welcomes new members.  Dues are  $20 Canadian per annum.

Membership Qualifications

Membership to the Club is open to all individuals who display an interest in the restoration, history, operation, and preservation of the historic military vehicles used by Canada's Army, Navy, and Air Forces.

Qualifying persons may apply for membership in the Club and shall be deemed members in good standing, when accepted by the Club.

Classes of Membership

a.  Regular Members: This class of member shall be comprised of individual enthusiats who renew their membership on an annual basis. The term of such membership shall run for one year from the date of acceptance of the member into the Club.

b. Honorary Members: This class of member shall be comprised of thse persons, or groups, accorded such membership status, and for such term as determined by the Club Executive, or special services to the Club. Any member may recommend a person, or group, for Honorary Membership by submitting a written recommendation to the Club Executive.

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